Within the National Market we cover the following sectors

Grúas Rago - Construction


Assembly and disassembly of tower cranes, placement of elements of concrete and steel as: (columns, truss, mezzanine, tanks, panels, among others), mount concrete beams and steel for bridges in roads, pedestrian walkways of steel and concrete.


Grúas Rago - Trade and Culture

Trade and Culture

Mounting of billboards, maintenance and exterior cleaning in buildings, advertisements, mounting of sculptures of bronze and marble, among others.

Grúas Rago - Industry


Mounting of power plants, boilers, fireplaces, hydraulic presses, air conditioners, capacitors, generators, tanks of high caliber for the storage of gases and hydrocarbons.


Grúas Rago - Wind Energy and Telecommunications

Wind Energy and Telecommunications

Experience in wind farms in the assembly and maintenance of towers and power generators, similarly in the assembly of mono-poles and towers of electrical communication and cellular telephony.